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Would you Recommend an Electric Toothbrush? – By Dr Geoff Wan

Yes and no! I would absolutely recommend it if you can not demonstrate adequate home care. Usually this applies if you have rheumatoid arthritis affecting your hands, or limited manual dexterity. These devices are excellent in those situations.

Many of my patients will have “the talk” and “the demonstration” with a manual toothbrush, because most people have never been dentally trained on how to use a regular toothbrush. Shocking, I know! Many of my patients graduate with honors in effective home care. Others need some constant reminders. Some just plain don’t care, don’t usually return for routine care, and will eventually have dentures.

Many electric toothbrushes are purchased well in excess of $100 and don’t get used because the consumer does not like them. Others use them and swear by them. So, would I recommend it? Yes, and no. What I would recommend, is coming in for an evaluation, and for us to show you how to effectively use a manual toothbrush. If you can prove to yourself that you can achieve the same results, then obviously, a manual toothbrush will serve you just as well as an expensive electric toothbrush.

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