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Invisible Braces


What are invisible Braces

Invisible braces are a type of orthodontic treatment that aids in the straightening and alignment of teeth. They are also known as clear aligners and are much more discreet than traditional braces. With Smiles Unlimited invisible braces, you can undergo your teeth alignment while still having the confidence to showcase your teeth without any metal attachments. These clear aligners are hardly noticeable with a clear custom made plastic structure designed to help position your teeth into a more natural and straight alignment. Most people prefer using clear braces because of how easy it is to maintain the hygiene of your teeth while using them. You can easily take them off when needed and reattach them without needing the help of a dentist.

Invisible braces are of different types and their usage depends on the type of orthodontic issue or individual preference.

  • Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are clear braces that are almost completely invisible and are suitable for individuals with moderate orthodontic problems. These braces are transparent and made of plastic tailored to rearrange teeth structure.

  • Clear or ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are also similar to traditional metal braces but they make use of transparent or tooth-colored brackets to make it less noticeable.

Why were invisible braces invented

Invisible braces were invented to give adults a teeth aligning treatment that is unnoticeable and comfortable. Clear braces allow you to comfortably treat your teeth without having to worry about metallic brackets that are attached to the teeth. You can smile confidently and comfortably if you are using invisible braces. Invisalign braces in Sydney are easy to clean and require a shorter amount of time to align your teeth. You can also take them off whenever you want to eat, clean them or brush your normal teeth. Invisible braces mix effectiveness with comfortability while trying to fix your teeth and give them perfect alignment.

Are invisible braces effective

For moderate or mild orthodontic issues, invisible braces can work as well as traditional braces in fixing the alignment of your teeth. Invisible braces also require less time than traditional braces to work because your teeth can be fixed within a period of 2 years at most.The length of treatment depends on the severity of your teeth’s crookedness. Our Invisalign braces are the most effective among all other clear aligners. It is still important to note that traditional braces and lingual braces work best for chronic orthodontic issues.

Do invisible braces work

Invisible braces in Sydney are very effective in the perfect alignment of crooked teeth especially if the issue is not chronic. Our company’s affordable Invisalign braces in Sydney are in high demand when it comes to selecting invisible braces due to its comfortability and how quick the treatment process is compared to traditional metal braces. Invisalign braces in Australia are very easy to install and you can get your packed, crooked, or sparsely aligned teeth fixed within a period of 9 to 15 months when you use invisible braces in Sydney.

How much are invisible braces

Braces cost in Sydney differ based on the type you are getting and invisible braces cost in Sydney is about the same as that of traditional metal braces. Invisalign cost prices vary depending on the length and complexity of the treatment. affordable Invisalign braces are available in our company and will be effective in fixing and aligning your teeth so that you can smile comfortably. Invisalign cost in Sydney is affordable than traditional braces and lingual braces and work perfectly well.

Cost of braces, Affordable braces

Knowing how much are braces in Australia can help you determine which invisible braces in Sydney you can afford. You can get affordable Invisalign Sydney at Smiles Unlimited that can help get your teeth aligned perfectly. The cost of braces, however, depends on a lot of factors which include type of braces, location, complexity of treatment, duration of treatment and more. Getting your teeth fixed with invisible braces is a good investment no matter the price because you are gifting yourself a lifetime of beautiful and healthy smiles.

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The Smiles Unlimited Family Dental Implant & Orthodontic Centres are associated with a number of professional organisations who recognise and endorse Smiles Unlimited for the remarkable contribution they make to dental care in both the Fairfield and Greater Sydney regions.

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Ramena J
Ramena J
I highly recommend Dr. Nabil Matti as our family dentist. His expertise, gentle approach, and genuine concern for his patients make every visit a positive experience. The staff is friendly, the clinic is immaculate, and Dr. Matti's professionalism instills confidence in our dental care. Our family is grateful to have such a trustworthy and skilled dentist.
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Faiz Said
To me he is a good Doctor professional and understanding
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Sarah Dawood
Very good service and nice staff 🥰
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Elee Georges
Best service and advice. High quality work.
Jelena Zmire
Jelena Zmire
Dr Matti and his team are amazing. Very professional yet friendly. I have a slight fear of dentists and he explained everything step by step, was caring and made me feel at ease at my apts and during my treatment. Highly recommend. If I can give 20 🌟 I will! Thank you all very much.

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