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Hate dentistry, but love your dentist? – By Geoff Wan

As if dentistry is horrible enough and many people don’t want to see us, for some reason, you, the reader, “like” us enough to stumble upon this page.  The act of doing dentistry is not a pleasant experience.  It is elective, some could argue it is necessary and essential, but many would argue, “you don’t need it”.  It is absolutely true.  You don’t need teeth to live.  Dr Bill Blatchford’s grandparents lived past 80, did not starve, and were completely toothless much of their lives.  I think many would agree, that a toothless life is not a preferred way of living. 

It was as if we were chosen for this profession, as Nabil and I absolutely love to the treat teeth.  To build broken teeth and give them a second chance at life.  To remove destroyed infected teeth so the body can heal.  To replace teeth and restore your smile and your ability to chew.  We have a lovely team that we enjoy working with, and enjoy working with you, our patients.

Dentistry is horrible.  You left your last dentist for some reason and are now under our care.  Or you are looking around for a new dentist and you found this page.  It is extremely easy to lose trust in a person who is associated with the horrible experience that is dentistry.  And it is extremely difficult, but rewarding, to build that foundation of trust before we delve into any sort of clinical dentistry.  One of the coolest things that I have been able to enjoy is seeing kids grow up while they are under my care, because mum trusts me enough to keep those kids coming back.  That makes my heart smile.

If you’re going to do something horrible, you can do it with someone you don’t really like, regret it, and lose faith in it.  Or, once you have found that one caretaker who you know has your best interest as their top priority, you go with whatever they tell you.  Same goes for cardiologists, oncologists, lawyers, accountants, and teachers. 

We look forward to seeing you again, if you’re already one of our patients.  If we are new to you, we would love to hear from you. 

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