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We Are Losing The War Against…By Dr Geoff Wan

Gum disease. Many people still do not know how to brush their teeth and gums. Most people are not aware that the biofilm that rests under the gum, is a major cause of chronic gum infection, which is linked to hypertension and diabetes. We are still treating disease like it’s normal to have disease. “Oh yeah, disease, it’s always been there, I’m not too worried about it”.

All to often we hear that prevention is better than a cure. I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather keep my high performance heart and vessels healthy so that I will not need to take blood pressure and cholesterol medications for fear that the buildup of plaques in my vessels will one day get stuck in my heart or brain vessels.

In terms of preventing oral disease, this infection in the gum is responsible for 60% of missing teeth in adults over 50! And it is contagious! There are some unfortunate people who keep going in for gum disease treatment and don’t seem to get better because they keep kissing their infested spouses. You, our valued followers and patients, are our converted to the faith of oral health. We do not claim to know everything. However, what we do know, is that the body is much more complex than a single medication can treat. The medical world likes to simplify and compartmentalise things like they are different departments – like the shoes, kids clothes, kitchen appliance department at Myer.

In the human body, everything is intricately linked, like a community and the economy. Oil prices have an effect on currency rates, which have a an effect on transportation costs, which has an effect on the cost of goods supplied, etc etc etc. Our human bodies are very similar. There’s still much to be discovered about how everything all works. What we do know is, part of the equation is eliminating harmful biofilm bacteria from our mouths, not through the use of toothpastes or mouthrinses, as shown by heavy advertising, but by habits (boring!) of brushing, flossing, and using whatever means necessary as prescribed and directed by your trusted oral health professionals.

Zahraa, our lovely hygienist, has been a wonderful addition to our team, who is passionate about empowering you, our valued patients, on teaching you the skills to attain optimal oral health. If you haven’t seen her lately, she looks forward to catching up with you. And if you know of anyone who hasn’t seen a dentist in a long time (you know who they are), we would be delighted to meet them.

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