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Tag: Dental hygiene

So what are you looking for in a dentist? – Dr Geoff Wan

We are passionate about dentistry at Smiles Unlimited.  With that said, we understand our role in how we can serve our community, and we are happy for you to choose how you would like to be treated. Well, you may be thinking, “shouldn’t everyone be treated the same?”  And the answer we believe is, no. Everyone has their own story, […]

You Have Cavities – Dr Geoff Wan

The old model of dentistry was this.  Tooth decay happens on high risk areas of the teeth (in between, and in the pits and grooves) where a toothbrush doesn’t spend enough time, and too much eating of sugar.  Can you imagine what a parent thinks when the dentist was delivering the news: “Jimmy has 3 cavities”.  You can’t shake off […]

What’s the Most Important item in Oral Health – Dr Geoff Wan

Is it the toothpaste that you use? How about the mouthwash? Or the type of toothbrush? Electric or manual? Straight bristled or cross bristled? Fluoride? Coconut oil pulling? It can’t be floss can it? When oral hygiene products first came out, there was only 1 choice of toothbrush and 1 choice of toothpaste.  And proper use of those tools did […]