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So what are you looking for in a dentist? – Dr Geoff Wan

We are passionate about dentistry at Smiles Unlimited.  With that said, we understand our role in how we can serve our community, and we are happy for you to choose how you would like to be treated. Well, you may be thinking, “shouldn’t everyone be treated the same?”  And the answer we believe is, no. Everyone has their own story, their own experience, their own value systems, and their own priorities. Everyone is different, and ought to be treated the way they want to be treated. I hope this sounds better than “everyone deserves equal treatment”.

For some, dentistry at its most basic level, is elimination of pain, usually with the removal of infected rotten teeth. Dentists can all extract teeth, some with greater ease than others based on technique and experience. We can assure you, that we use the least force possible to gently remove any infected teeth so that you can be on your road to recovery and regain comfort with your day to day life.

For many, it’s preventive routine maintenance dentistry. That includes the regular 6 monthly check-ups, x-rays taken every 1-2 years and larger x-rays every 5 years. Like a good health professional, we will advise you of things that look like they will need help to prevent further problems, and it will be up to you to decide whether to have that treatment or risk those further problems mentioned above. What we love about this kind of dentistry is the ongoing relationship we get to enjoy. My personal favourite part is watching your kids grow up.

For others, who want to enhance the appearance of your smile, we can do that too! There are many options available from whitening, to orthodontics, to economic composite veneers, to a complete overhaul smile makeover.  We can also replace missing teeth, but this is where the dentistry can become more complex, and obviously be of greater economic value.

In the end, you choose your outcome, by deciding which process to undergo.  We are happy to support you however you choose.

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