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5 Benefits of a Professional Dental Clean

Do you remember the last time you left your Smiles Unlimited clinic after a professional dental clean? If your answer is yes, then I’m sure you remember just how wonderful it felt to be so very clean.

It’s easy to forget to schedule your cleaning or to keep pushing it back until it’s been more than 6 months since your last session, but we can assure you these cleans are not something you want to miss. The following five reasons will show you just how important it is to fit professional cleans into your schedule.

1. Prevents cavities

Dental tips for Clean teeth
Dental Clean

Brushing and flossing are crucial components of keeping your teeth clean and fresh, however, they cannot accomplish what a professional cleaning does alone. When you have your teeth cleaned at our clinic, they will be thoroughly cleaned with dental tools that are designed to reach every nook and cranny of your teeth and gums – places your toothbrush could never even dream of reaching. Getting your teeth scraped in this way by these specially designed tools helps to prevent cavities from forming. This work requires the skilled hands of a trained professional, as they have been trained in achieving the safest and most effective results.

2. Prevents gum disease

In conjunction with helping you avoid tooth decay, a professional dental clean by your will also aid in preventing gum disease. Professional cleanings will remove plaque, which – if left untreated – can begin to spread beyond the visible parts of your teeth and then go underneath your gums. Untreated, this can lead to gum disease, which can escalate to tooth loss, and even the loss of bone from the supporting jaw.

3. Other health issues – beyond dental

Dental cleanings may also help to prevent other health issues from eventually manifesting. It’s no secret that your mouth is an opening to your whole body. Thus, an issue there could mean an issue for your whole self. Gum disease alone has been linked to some serious, and life-threatening health issues, including heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.


4. Appearance

Your professional clean will remove all hardened calculus before your teeth are carefully polished. This will polish a lot of surface stains, helping your teeth look renewed, whiter and brighter.

5. Cost

Avoiding major oral health issues will also be beneficial to your budget. Even if you possess health insurance that covers dental, the cost of being treated for issues from dental decay and gum disease imposes extensive financial strain. Scheduling routine cleaning visits are a much more cost-effective strategy than waiting for a dental emergency and then having to pay potentially thousands more. Additionally, paying for other serious health conditions could be far more expensive than dental treatment.

If you have any queries or concerns, or you just want to finally book that long-overdue professional dental clean, please feel free to call us at our clinics.

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